Company introduction



Mirho's goal is to establish itself as a company that takes the lead in all areas of advanced material processing systems, ultra-precision processing systems, and smart processing systems that respond to the future industrial structure of the 4th industrial revolution.

We are committed to technological innovation to become the world's leading MCT specialist in the machine tool market by 2030.

We promise to be a reliable company that you want to be with for a long time with the best technology and always strive to make it more beautiful.

We look forward to your continued interest and support for Mirho Corporation, which will become a global company.

Thank you.

CEO Sam Kim

12Launched of the Premium 5-Axis CNC EPiC
09Listed a Venture Capital product
Launched G-AiD Education MCT
Launched G-AiD Industrial MCT
03Launched G-Aid Dental Milling Machine
11Completed construction of the
Mirho Corporation headquarters
10Established Mirho US office
07MAIN-BIZ Authentication
06INNO-BIZ Authentication
05Verified venture
04KCompleted KS Q/ISO9001:2008 registration certification
08Green Laser Sales and Supply Agreement with MEGAOPTP
06Mirho established overseas office in Suzhou, China
04Corporate Research Center Certification
01Started network business,
established Taewan Technology (subsidiary)
01Start operating as a Hoya Schott distributor in Korea
10Incorporation of Mirho Corporation