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Ultra-fast precision machining system EPiC

EPiC is a premium CNC machining machine for industrial use, equipped with a high-speed rotating spindle with twice the rotational speed of the original G-Aid, and realizing high-speed machining, the EPiC is the leader in small CNC, providing more powerful machining efficiency.
Added computational precision, faster communication, pre-reading control, and auto-calibration.
We support the optimal machining solution for your demanding parts.

Machine specification

Specification EPIC 500X
Control Axis Simultaneous 5-Axis (5 axes simultaneously)
No. of Tools 13
Dimension (W × D × H) 750 × 800 × 2100
Movements(X,Y,Z,B,C) 450 × 170 × 240, -45°+130°, ±360°
Smallest Unit of movement(mm/degree) 0.001 mm / 0.001 degree
Repeatability(μm) 5(μm)
Weight 456kg
Voltage / frequency 220V / 50, 60Hz
Compressed Air 6∼7 Bar
CAM Open Solution(FUSION360)
Motor drives All servo motors with IP 67 (Incremental type)
Reducer Harmonic Drive
Milling Station Wet & mist(Coolant, Ethanol) & Air dry
PC Built-In
Monitor 1280 × 1024 IPS Touch Screen (14"~15”)
Spindle Max Power output 2.6 kw, 60,000 RPM
(Jaeger of Germany)
Tools 6mm shank tool with stop ring
Tool Change Automatic Tool Change(Automatic tool length measurement)
Door Auto Door Open/Close
Etc. Tool tip point control
Auto Calibration
Signal tower Lamp(3rd led)

Key Features

  • Features 1.
    MCT optimized for precision processing

    It is used in industrial precision parts and can be precise expression of up to 5 µm

    Features 2.
    High speed processing three times faster than ordinary MCT

    Depending on the workpiece, the equipment spindle can be used selectively.
    As a result of its test, the processing speed of up to 60000 rpm for industrial standards can be processed about three times faster than ordinary MCT.

  • Features 3.
    Diversity of processed materials

    Titanium SUS, which is very hard, or a soft wood aluminum, can be processed without restrictions on materials.

    Features 4.
    Implementation of dedicated jigs for the material

    Various processing is possible with the implementation of a dedicated jig that fits the material on the bed -type master jig.
    It also supports the optimal processing solution for the processing of the customer.

    Features 5.
    Circulatory Collect System

    Circulature Coolant System makes it easy to manage processing chips and coolants.

    Features 6.
    Easy operation for non -professional

    The SW developed by the user and the intuitive UI based on the touchpad, so that non -experts and students can easily operate.

  • Features 7.
    Small size : Optimization of space utilization

    The space utilization is enhanced by the size that can be placed six units compared to one general MCT, and can be used at the same time in the lab or classroom.

    Features 8.
    Guaranteed stability

    It can be safely used as an automatic locking system to restrict the axis of axis and to prevent overload spindle.

    Features 9.
    Conveniently with a power-off system

    When the processing is completed, the equipment is automatically off, so there is no need to keep the machine in front of the machine all night.

    Features 10.
    Tool Sensor wear and replacement time check

    You can automatically measure the tool length with the attachment of the tool sensor in ATC to check the tool wear and the timing of replacing the tool accordingly.

Customer support process

  • Equipment training system

    1. Provide basic equipment management training
    2. Precision setting and maintenance training provided

  • Support for optimal processing solutions

    It supports the zig technology coordination in line with the customer's processing language plan, and supports the best processing solution to make the customer process more efficiently.

  • Support at home and abroad

    In case of alarm and problems, remote support and visit A/S are supported to solve the problem quickly, and the main parts of the equipment are always managed by the head office to reduce the time required for the A/S.

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